Last week we took a look at some great baseball apps for the Android platform. This week we’re going to mix it up a bit and review some top music apps for both Android and iOS devices.

As more and more of us ditch dedicated MP3 players for our Swiss Army smartphones, developers are following and creating some excellent apps. Not just music players, but fun tools that can identify songs you hear on the radio, share what you’re listening to on Facebook or, and even help you learn to play guitar. Below are some of the best music apps we’ve seen lately on AppStoreHQ.

Jukefox screen capture

Jukefox icon jukefox (free)

Jukefox is a music player for large collections. It knows about music similarity and allows new ways to interact with your music collection. Jukefox includes a rich set of functions, including a smart shuffling mode that detects your mood, “scrobbling” to, automatic download of album covers, and more.


Shazam screen capture

Shazam icon Shazam (Android version here) (free)

Create and share music moments and stories. With Shazam you can identify music tracks, buy them, and share the tags with friends. You can also learn more about artists; keep and grow your music collection and personalize your tags. Identify music from radio, TV, and film and watch related videos on YouTube.


Songbird screen capture

Songbird icon Songbird (free)

Songbird for Android is an elegant music player for your mobile devices. Browsing your music collection is easy, and playback controls are always accessible. The unique ‘now playing’ drawer offers quick access to album art and additional details, including Facebook and Flickr integrations. You can create and edit playlists, set tracks as ringtones, use a lock-screen widget, and view a Flickr photostream of artist images.


SoundHound screen capture

SoundHound icon SoundHound (Android version here) (free)

What’s that song? Who’s that hot artist? SoundHound knows. And now, everyone can enjoy a free taste of the SoundHound revolution in instant music search and discovery. SoundHound provides super-fast music recognition and can even work if you sing or hum the song yourself. David Pogue called it “amazing… insane.”


NPR Music screencap

NPR Music icon NPR Music (free)

Engage, explore and discover new music of all genres with the NPR Music app. Pop/Rock/Folk, Jazz & Blues, World, Classical and Hip Hop/R&B – you get music programmed by people and the quality storytelling you expect from NPR. You can read music news and reviews while listening to interviews, live concerts or exclusive streams of albums before they’re released. Multitask with the NPR Music app as your guide to new music. Updated daily, with hundreds of new music stories monthly.


AudioGalaxy screen

Audiogalaxy Icon AudioGalaxy (free)

Stream your music and playlists from your computer to your Android phone for free!
Important: Visit from your Mac or PC to create your account before installing this app. Simple setup without router configuration. High quality, uninterrupted streaming and headset support. Create and edit playlists on-the-go.


MisoMusic Plectrum

Miso Music Plectrum icon

MisoMusic Plectrum (iPad) ($2.99)

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010! Learn to play the Guitar today. Learn classical arrangements, or choose a song from a growing library of music’s biggest hits. New songs added every week. Play virtual instruments from Fender, Martin & Co, Deering Banjo and KoAloha Ukulele. Patented note recognition technology gives real-time feedback that indicates if the correct note is being played. It makes learning music fun and easy.

If there are any topics or themes you’d like to see covered in these articles, @reply me or leave a comment below.

–Scott Blanksteen, CEO, AppStoreHQ, @sib1013

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  • PairShare

    Here is another awesome music share app…

    PairShare is a newly released iPhone app that allows users to select music on their iPhone, iPad or iPod device and stream it live with a nearby friend’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Bluetooth.


    PairShare was engineered for reliability and ease of use and allows users to share music in near perfect harmony.

    How does it work
    Create a music “Sharelist” and stream it to a friends iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch. Search for nearby users and request to hear their music or have them listen to yours. View the sharelist and album art of the music being played. With a swipe of your finger, switch back and forth between listening to your music or theirs. Turn on “Remote Control” and users can select and change the songs being played on the remote Sharelist in real time using on screen or headset controls. The “Auto Reconnect” feature ensures continued enjoyment should users go in and out of range and bluetooth technology allows for connectivity up to 300 feet.

    View a video or download the application by following this link:

    Whether on a hike, on a bike, at the gym, at the library, or just hanging out, PairShare is a great way to enjoy listening to the same music with a friend.

    Key features of the PairShare Music Share Application:
    – Select a music ShareList for you and your friend to listen to.
    – Auto-scan to connect with nearby friends.
    – Connects over Bluetooth up to 300 feet.
    – View a friend’s ShareList, album art, song title, album and artist.
    – Auto-play (Shuffle or Loop) your music ShareList once connected.
    – Swipe to switch back and forth between listening to your music or your friends.
    – Remote control allows listeners to select and switch to playing other songs on the remote ShareList.
    – Headset control allows for stop, start, volume and click to advance to the next song.
    – Auto reconnect ensures continued enjoyment.
    – Coming soon: chat, intercom, share shuffle and more.

    “Free” version allows playing of one song at a time, with unlimited listening to a friend’s stream.
    “Unlock Continuous ShareList Play” with an in app purchase for only $2.99.

    – iPhone (3G or newer), iPod Touch (2nd gen or newer)
    – iPad (1st gen or newer)
    – iOS 4.1 or later
    – Bluetooth enabled
    – Other device must have PairShare installed

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