On certain cable news channels these days, it seems like every story is a chance to subtly (or not-so-subtly) score points for some political position. Which is why this appearance by Bill Nye on Fox News is so refreshing to watch, and so disturbing at the same time.

Nye, better known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is no stranger to televised comedy, having gotten his start in Seattle on KING-5’s Almost Live sketch comedy show.

But the segment on Fox was ostensibly a serious discussion about an interesting piece of scientific news, the discovery of volcanoes on the moon. Until Fox News anchor Jon Scott asked if the discovery didn’t throw a wrench into theories about global warming here on Earth.

“You know, it’s not like we’ve been up there burning fossil fuels,” Scott said.

After taking a deep breath, Nye explained that volcanoes aren’t caused by the burning of fossil fuels, before going on to give a brief dissertation about scientific discoveries related to climate change.

Later on, he delivered this gem: “The great thing about science is … it’s true for all of us. You can run the test, I can run the test, and we try to get the same results. And if we don’t, then we find out why.”

Bill Nye for President?

 (Via MotherBoard.tv)

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, for educating those Fax* News guys about science!

    * I use the term “Fax” to refer to Fox News because I am so upset with Fox News that I consider it a facsimile, or “fax,” of news. I recommend that all of my followers do the same.

  • Bill

    And “man made global warming” is not science. It’s religion. There is absolutely no scientific evidence human activity affects climate, one way or another. The earth warms up, the earth cools down. It’s been doing it for billions of years.  There’s a reason true believers in this bogus religion stopped saying “global warming” and changed to “Climate change”.  They are in a panic because there has been no warming since 1998.  

    • Anonymous

      Dude – your ‘religion’ of denying global warming is just as phony and unsupported as you are claiming the proponents of it.  The ‘deniers’ are just as guilty of building a religion of hate and demonization against supporters and doing so without actual supporting scientific fact.

      Stop the blind allegiance to the political side of it and go dig out actual science fact.  I’m not telling you that global warming (actually now more accurately called global climate change btw) is or is not real.  I’m just saying use science – not political ideology or emotions.

      Bill Nye is far, far smarter than people give him credit for.  I’m glad he directly challenged the idiot on Fox News and his anti-climate change religious attacks.

      There is more to science AND fact than merely saying ‘someone told me so’.

      • Questions

        Prior to “someone” telling you about “global climate change,” did you consider the peril to be “global warming” or changes of any sort in global climate? Also, prior to global climate change becoming the accepted phrase or global warming becoming publicized, did you believe that the planet’s climate at the time would never change or had never changed? The reason I ask is that the phrase “global climate change” strikes me as a bit empty of meaning (clearly we do not believe that the global climate is not supposed to change from here on because we have too much evidence of constant global climate change during the planet’s history). I think it’s more like human-caused global warming that is in question.

        As an example, if humans caused sun spots to erupt more frequently, we would worry about the consequences of human-caused sun spot increases, not “sun spot activity” (which has been happening during all of the planet’s history without human causation) and changing the phrase to “sun spot activity” would seem empty.

    • !Bill

      Like Bill Nye said, Global Warming is true for me, for every one. You don’t need to believe it.  The moment you say there is “no warming since 1998″, you have lost every single point of argument since you obviously either 1) don’t have any data at hand or 2) have no understanding of the data.

      This willful ignorant of our country’s public is going to ruin our future, given a technology (that is, science) driven economy.  This is so annoying.

    • Marston_gould

      Bill Nye said it best – you can choose to believe or not believe, but that doesn’t change the science. The earth HAS NEVER WARMED UP AS QUICKLY AS IT HAS IN RECENT HISTORY – NEVER, EVER, EVER. Not even close. You can choose to ignore that or not. That is YOUR choice. But as Bill said – the SCIENCE IS TRUE. 

  • Questions

    Questions for Fox News and Bill Nye: The planet is estimated to be more that 4.5 billion years old and has warmed and cooled many times. What caused the global warming all of the other times? Better yet, let’s just use the most recent Ice Age and the global warming that ended it (unless someone wants to argue that we are still in the Ice Age). What was the human activity that caused the global warming that ended the Ice Age?

    • Bsevertsen
      • Bsevertsen
        • Bsevertsen

          IMHO I think the troubling thing is the rate of change. Will humans and the flora and fauna we rely on be able to adapt fast enough to all of the symptoms of climate change (see the difference between a C3 and C4 plant as an example of adaptation). I’m not sure the process can be stopped at this point, though I’m no expert. What will our world look like? does anyone care?

          • Questions

            I don’t know either, but I would like people to stop quoting 5, 10, 20 or even 150 year trends as if they are on par with 4.5 billion years of activity. Also, the phrase “the warmest/coldest the planet has ever been” should be used more carefully unless there is someone sitting around with global  thermostat readings over the history of the planet (yes, I know about ice core estimates, but those readings are estimates that cover hundreds of  thousands of years or more, meaning that our reliable records of 150 years would be like a trend within a trend in those readings and do not provide a good comparison with estimates for periods ranging hundreds of thousands of years or more).

          • Joshkclark89

            dude, use your brain and learn that some knowledge is implicit. look at the rate of climate change over the entire lifespan of earth. at first hellish and completely unsupportive of life. then seemingly infinite periods of moderate cooling and heating where life was able to occur. now.. were trending in the direction back to the beginning hellish and completely unsupportive environment.. it is not debatable that humanity is what is causing this.. dont try and deny it.

        • Questions

          Oceanic burp of CO2, not human activity and human-caused emissions? And keep in mind that is the latest Ice Age they are writing about.

      • Questions

        Okay, so lunar and monsoon activity, but no human activity?

    • Guest

      The planet is not 4.5 billion years old, Quinn. The first day of creation began at nightfall preceding Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC, making Earth just over 6,000 years old. This makes recent warming trends significant relative to the age of the Earth.

      • Guest


  • Rolson

    On the subject of global warming, the alarminsts are misguided and we should not be willing to put one dollar into something we did not create or have ANY control over. 

    • Smack

      I agree get your religion out of education.

  • Anonymous

    here’s a monkey wrench for everyone who believes higher co2 levels cause higher temperatures: ice core samples prove that higher temperatures PRECEED higher co2 levels.  why? because as the SUN causes higher global temperatures, the earth’s oceans release co2 as a result.

    • Jobrighton

      no, it’s not. co2 warms the climate. Period. What that shows is that other factors- orbital factors etc, also affect climate. 2 things, because climate changed “naturally” in the past, that does not mean humans cannot change it now. That’s like saying because there were natural bush fires in that humans can’t start them now. 2nd, if it is not humans, what is currently forcing the warming? We know the sun is in a cooling period. Yet 2000-2009 was the warmest decade on human records. The top 12 record warm years have all occurred in the last 15 years. Take your head out of the deniers sand, the world is warming. Fact. Human co2 emissions are the cause of it. Fact.

      • KenMan

        Well, if you take the 4.5 billion year history, or the 6,000 year history route, it’s still from a small sample size. 

        First, the standard thermometer scale to record temperature, in recordable history only goes back to 1724.  Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit used to manufacture thermometers with mercury, his quality control and repeatability of the product made the thermometers a standard.  That’s 287 years of standardized temperature readings, if magically that year every city on the planet had one of these little gadgets, and data was taken everyday.

        Second, if science is claiming an ability to convert temperature approximations from ice core samples by reading the amount of co2 in the ice, and relating that to the amount of co2 in the atmosphere…  Then from earth core samples of the same time period convey a temperature range to the earth’s surface.  That would be a bit of a mathematical nightmare, not to mention the ability to hide/make an error in the calculation. 

        Anyway, keep hope alive player!  And please, do the math for yourself, if you want to know the truth, and if you’re going to be a Zealot on a subject.  As my barber used to say, “Engage brain before starting tongue.”

    • Kenman

      I thought the ocean was mostly dihydrogen oxide?  How does co2 come from a source made mostly hydrogen?  Hydrogen doesn’t magically turn to carbon when the sea water evaporates.  A release of co2 from the ocean would have to be from another source under/in the ocean, ie. underwater volcano…  But these statements are easy to blurt out and appear to be true, because more people slept through science class then didn’t. 

      Also, there’s big money in fear.  Scare enough people into believing a problem exist, tell them you have a plan to save us all, convince them a few billion dollars could fix it, and watch the money roll in.  Just ask Al Gore how that’s working for him…  Don’t stick around too long though, or “Big Al” might want you to release his 2nd shockra.

  • Kenman

    Bill Nye is the MAN!

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