Mozilla debuted Firefox 6 today, less than two months after coming out with Firefox 5. The new rapid release schedule might seem to create a dilemma for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team, which had instituted a tradition of sending a congratulatory cake to the Mozilla team back when the gap between Firefox versions was considerably longer.

But Microsoft has solved the problem with a new tradition — sending a cupcake instead.

And the cupcake for Firefox 6, pictured here, looks like it might be even smaller than the one that Microsoft sent for Firefox 5.

“Every time Mozilla releases a version of Firefox, the IE team sends us a cake. They’re cool like that,” writes Johnathan Nightingale, the Firefox engineering director, in his description on Flickr. “As the releases have gotten faster and leaner… so have the cakes.”

See this Mozilla blog post for a more serious rundown of the new Firefox features.

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  • Guest

    Congrats to Ffx on rel’ing v. 6!

  • Avatar X

    The best about the cupcakes is that is both commendatory as it is condemnatory. All in a single ice frosted blow. I like to think that Hachamovitch personally tells a joke to the IE team before sending the cupcakes. :P

    • Aaron

      Firefox has become almost entirely irrelevant in the 9 months since releasing version 4 (they’re now up to version 8) and besides the removal of menus — without managing to save any screen space — and introducing incompatibility, there hasn’t been a single feature worth noting.  With most releases you’re lucky if the Firefox team does no more than bump the version number (thus breaking all plugins) but sadly, they’ve managed to gradually reduce the number of sites that work in Firefox and vastly slowed down the browser.

      It’s over for Mozilla, and I’ll miss the plugins, but Google Chrome is a decent substitute for casual browsing if you don’t mind spyware.

      • Avatar X

        Oh, i totally agree with you. So does the IE team. That now has stopped sending the cupcakes.

        Mozilla actions during 2011 have been nothing short of insane.  The only moderately good ideas you hear about, like their branded versions of firefox have not been their ideas. The one with Bing was Microsoft idea.

        For me it also reminds me of Canonical. Both companies are now working hard to appeal to the lowest common denominator while pissing off all of their core audience.

        I have said it before. And will say it again:

        Mozilla saving grace so far was that Microsoft decided not to ship IE9 to Windows XP. If they had. They would have just lost 10% of marketshare in a year. They would have lost 25% or more.

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