We’ve had fun tracking the appearance of Amazon Lockers around the Seattle region over the past few weeks, and this week I stumbled across an intriguing option in my Amazon.com address book — allowing me to “search for a locker location” to add as a shipping destination.

So I did it. And it worked!

The company hasn’t yet announced or even acknowledged the initiative publicly, but based on my experience, the Amazon Locker system is clearly up and running in the Seattle region and being offered as an option for at least some Amazon customers on a pilot basis.

Watch the video above to see what happened when I went to the 7-Eleven on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle this afternoon to pick up a package of batteries that I had ordered yesterday.

After touching the screen, I entered the six-character code that had been sent to me in an email. The system accepted the code and showed a diagram of the locker setup, highlighting which locker would open and allowing me to tap a button on screen to open it up.

A clerk at the store said the system had been getting some usage this week, but it’s not clear how many of those are Amazon employees vs customers taking advantage of the new shipping option. A 7-Eleven regular outside the store saw what I was doing and asked if I worked for the company.

No word on how many customers are getting this option, but to find out if it’s available to you, check your Amazon address book and see if you can add a locker as an option.

Follow-up: Amazon Locker delivery system now live in New York

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  • http://www.bestgeekfriend.com Matt Ebert

    I want this at my 7-11 in Bothell NOW!!!!!  Save much headache of chasing down packages that UPS/FedEx will not leave at my door if I am not home.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the automated propane tank distribution system at Home Depot. Except this actually appears to, you know, work. 

  • Whomeyeayou

    simple yet brilliant idea. I see myself using the locker service when / if it rolls out to my area. If this goes nationwide, It will be interesting to see which 7-11’s they select. There are some stores, in my city (in decent neighborhoods) that have sketchy loiterers. The type just waiting to knock you down for your Amazon package. 

  • Guest

    Congratulations on successfully Amazon Lockering! This is a nice demo.

  • Anonymous

    This makes a whole lot of sesne when you think about it.

  • BenN

    If it’s in pilot mode, it’s very wide-ranging – an Amazon Locker (looking exactly the same as in the video) appeared off the back of Fleet Street, Central London, UK over the last month or so. When it first went in there was no branding, but branding appeared in the last 2 – 3 weeks.

  • Arik Levy

    Laundry Locker offers the same service at over 150 locker locations throughout San Francisco. So if you live in San Francisco, you can have this service today.  And for anything you have shipped.  Not just Amazon orders.

    Click here (https://www.laundrylocker.com/packageDelivery.php) to learn more.

    • Guest

      I clicked. 404. Very unprofessional to not handle a simple parenthesis in your URLs, Arik.

      • Arik Levy

        Sorry, didn’t realize this tool was going to mess up my link. Here you go, since I can’t edit my original post –


        • Guest

          Yikes. $5 to hold a package after October 31? That’s pretty steep. I’ll stick with the free Amazon Locker delivery instead.

        • Guest

          Yikes. $5 to hold a package after October 31? That’s pretty steep. I’ll stick with the free Amazon Locker delivery instead.

  • Guest

    Are the shipping rates the same for orders sent to a locker location?

    • http://geekwire.com Todd Bishop

      Yes, the rates were the same for locker delivery vs. home delivery — $3.99 for one-day shipping. (Although I’m an Amazon Prime member so I’m not sure if that’s coming into play in the rate I’m seeing.)

      • Guest

        i dont see that option show up for me in my address book, maybe you have to be a primem member i live in seattle so i dont know why i cant see it

        • Cookie

          I can’t get the option to open up either! I tried Amazon customer service and I can’t seem to get them to understand that the Amazon Locker button (that I’ve seen on a friend’s screen) simply doesn’t exist in my account. They keep emailing the same advice that does not work. I also deleted all my non-NYC addresses just in case, but it still doesn’t show up. At least it’s not just me. I thought I was going crazy. 

      • Guest

        i dont see that option show up for me in my address book, maybe you have to be a primem member i live in seattle so i dont know why i cant see it

  • takka

    Do you know, every Japanese apartment has this type of locker? American apartment should have it.

    • Steve B

      you’re right!.. every apt should have these, it just makes sense. Apts I’ve had in salt lake city and in washington state, had them for the most part. In l.a, no.. just next door tenants who’ll swipe your stuff when you’re at work, because they don’t like the fact you’re employed (and happily)

  • http://twitter.com/oldfox oldfox [terry seale]

    NO!   I buy as much as I can from Amazon now because it is Sales Tax free.  If Amazon has a nexus in my state, Tennessee, at the 7-11 then they have to collect sales tax.  Is that what they are doing in Seattle and New York?   

    So it is a Tax Hike!   Don’t you get it?

  • http://twitter.com/ncbarnard Nick Barnard

    I’m curious on the logistics on this.  The package was clearly delivered by UPS, but how did it get into the locker?  Does UPS have an agreement to work with Amazon to put them in specific locker numbers?

  • chris

    I saw this too! http://newsworldmonthly.blogspot.com/2011/12/amazon-lockers-in-supermarkets.html  I think its about time.

  • Carine Homsy

    I’m very interrested in having information about the Japanese apartment equiqued with this type of locker. Takka, do you know more about it ? Do you have pictures ? Many thanks

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