DoubleDown Interactive now says that more than one million people are playing its social-based casino games on Facebook every day. The 52-person company, which just announced earlier this month that it is expanding into a new headquarters near CenturyLink Field, said that its online traffic is now on par with casinos found on the Vegas strip.

“We have doubled our customer base in just the past two months and continue to invest heavily in our platform to support our future growth,” said Glenn Walcott, the former executive at Big Fish Games who now serves as president of DoubleDown.

The company features 17 different games, including slots, blackjack, video poker and roulette. It plans to release multiplayer poker soon, adding to titles such as Fireworks SlotsHoroscope Slots and Candy Shop Slots. The company also said that it now allows players to “gift” virtual chips to friends on Facebook, a tactic that could help the game attract even more users.


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  • Grandpagary49

    your game would be alot more fun if it wasnt rigged so bad,you have told me before that you are better than a casino i disagree with that ,i use to enjoy playing the games,at least at a casino you could walk out money in your pocket,this just keeps taking your money and dont give anything back unless you want to keep buying credits,you should have left it the way it was,my comment doesnt do any good but i feel better now,you ought to give people a chance to enjoy the games.people need to realize this is just games to play for fun,give the common people a chance,gary

  • Bill Bundy

    Double down casino blackjack on Facebook is rigged. I have played a lot of real blackjack in casinos for many years and I know what I’m talking about. It is hilarious how the game always gives you an obvious double down hand when you don’t have the chips to do it.The game is rigged to encourage you to “buy” chips which I think is asinine.

    The times the house gets blackjack or 21 compared to you is way out of line also. It’s ridiculous how many 17’s you get and the dealer never gets any. I like to play blackjack but it’s not fun when thegame is programmed against you. What a shame. It’s all money. SELL CHIPS!!!


    • June Lacy

      come try me out at

  • June Lacy
  • william

    i had 300 million and lost 10 hands in a row i hate the fact that the computer can ruin a fun game i got to 300 million by slowly betting when i went huge the computer obviously did not bust because the computer can just choose when to ruin the game only a messed up program could do that i am never playing online ever again

  • Neil

    Your slot games are very poorly done. More often than not your slots act as if they are being played on a low credit spin setting.For example i was playing 250,000 a spin and when i finally got on to the scatter board i discovered after the round ended on my first hit that all the wins in the fairy’s were 37,000! 37,500 top prizes at 250,000 a spin.This has happened on a lot of your slots.It is not the losing that is frustrating it is the way it is done and spending 2 million before the games actually start to trickle some money back-usually 12,500 or so is not going to get me to pop my credit card up!

  • Lolita

    Amen to all your reviews. Double down is a total ripoff. Please, please save your time and money and stay away from this casino.

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