IE cupcake via Mozilla's Damon Sicore on Twitter

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team has made a tradition of sending the Firefox team a big, congratulatory IE cake upon the release of a new version of the rival browser. With today’s debut of Firefox 5, the first in Mozilla’s new rapid release cycle, that tradition has been downsized to reflect the IE team’s view of the Firefox update’s relative significance.

Yep, Microsoft sent Mozilla a cupcake.

“Congratulations on shipping! Love, the IE team,” reads the message inside the tiny box.

Even funnier is this post by Microsoft’s Ari Bixhorn, offering an “in-depth look at what’s new in Firefox 5.”

To be fair, Mozilla writes on its blog that the release “includes more than 1,000 improvements and performance enhancements that make it easier to discover and use all of the innovative features in Firefox. This release adds support for more modern Web technologies that make it easier for developers to build amazing Firefox Add-ons, Web applications and websites.”

That may be so, but a recent PC Magazine piece about the Firefox 5 release candidate captured the general level of excitement: “Firefox 5 RC Updates Version Number and Little Else.”

For the record, the Firefox team is taking it all in good stride. “Just received the congrats cake,” tweeted Damon Sicore, Mozilla VP of engineering, with a link to a picture of the cupcake. “From all at Mozilla, thank you, Microsoft. We love you, too. :)”

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  • Guest

    The recent PC Magazine piece about the Firefox 5 release candidate captured the general level of excitement… as seen by Microsoft. You neglected to mention that PC Magazine is a Microsoft mouthpiece *cough* FUD *cough* FUD everywhere. That said, to be fair you can’t really expect time-based releases to have the same amount of features as feature-based releases. Also, to those who would complain about the new version numbering, time-based releases don’t play so nicely with the feature-based numbering system.

    • Blaher

      I really like how canonical, versions their releases. Not only is it practical, but just by looking at the version, I can easily tell what date it was release. They could go even further and use the number of days since last release, as an minor version, to indicate an important security update, if it was an application and not an OS anyway.

      • late party

        Nice attempt at grammar, but that hurt to read.

    • Guest

      You obviously haven’t read PC magazine in a long time.

  • Gero Brockschnieder

    Nice touch – I think the only release that often because they love cake!

  • doni

    On the version 6 of FireFox they will send only a birthday candle.

  • doni

    On the version 6 of FireFox they will send only a birthday candle.

  • Protektor

    Way to be petty Microsoft, and you wonder why people don’t like the way your company does business. This is just one example of poor business presences in the marketplace. It strikes most people as childish.

    • Chrome user

      Oh, c’mon. I think it’s funny. Surely you can’t have missed the symbolism of the cakes in that IE is inviting Firefox to “eat the competition”? A downsized cake for a downsized release is appropriate and I’m sure made the Firefox team laugh.

  • VERnada-fairview1946

    I had Firefox 4 then now I got Firefox 5 but I wish I had Internet Explore back again on my Laptop Firefox keeps crashing when you are on it it even makes windows crashes all the time can not get no work done on it too me I am glad I do not have it on my Home Computer just my laptop. Home Computer has just Internet Explore and does not crash plus I like IE for it on Apple I-PODS and their 4G Phones way too go Internet Explore. I just got too find away too get it off my Lapttop.

  • Anonymous

    All my extensions are broken.  Smooth move, Mozilla.

    • doni

      mine too it sucks.

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