Comcast has updated its Xfinity TV app to bring streaming on-demand programs to the iPhone and iPod touch, adding a capability that was introduced for the iPad in February.

The feature gives Comcast subscribers a new way to watch programs, but for now they’ll still need to be within range of a WiFi connection. The company says streaming over 3G/4G mobile networks is part of its future plans, but not yet an option.

Existing features of the Xfinity TV app include the ability to change channels and schedule DVR recordings from the device.

The new on-demand feature for iPhone and iPod touch gives users of those devices 6,000 hours of programming from 25 content providers, including Showtime and HBO, although you’ll need to also subscribe to a particular channel through Comcast to access its related on-demand programming.

More details in this Comcast blog post.

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  • Westsea01

    Xfinity really needs to expand this for the Android market. 

  • elias.anderson

    I’m still a little surprised
    they released this without fixing the major flaws they unveiled with it at CES.  The biggie is that the Live TV streaming only
    works from home, within a customers personal wifi network.  Don’t get me wrong, I think its great Comcast
    is trying to offer more services to their customers…but who needs mobility
    options when they are AT HOME?  That’s
    what I have a TV for.  As a DISH customer
    and employee I’ve been using DISH’s TV Everywhere app, and I can watch live TV
    from anywhere I can get a 3G connection, not just at my house.  Hopefully they will get this fixed soon.

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