So, just how exactly is Cheezburger Network going to use a portion of the $30 million that just arrived from the VCs? Of course, the Seattle comedy network continues to push the envelope with a new cast of oddball Web sites.

The latest is Sketchy Bunnies, which showcases photos of adult human beings in extremely creepy Easter Bunny suits.

Cheezburger purchased the Web site Sketchy Santas last August, and the company plans to use that as the backbone of the new holiday-themed empire that it is building.

Before you laugh too hard, there’s a real business concept behind holiday-oriented content. (Santas, Easter Bunnies and maybe even a little green Leprechaun for tomorrow).

After all, Americans spend plenty of cash around holidays. And if people are checking into the new rotating holiday theme at Cheezburger, then there’s the potential for advertising dollars to be had.

Cheezburger also can use its massive audience to drive viewers to the new sites. After all, the company is doing about 360 million page views and 110 million page views per month.

Cheezburger founder Ben Huh shares some of those concepts in a video interview with Mashable, which got the scoop from the Internet entrepreneur at SXSW.

Mashable recently got the inside scoop on the site, interviewing Cheezburger founder Ben Huh at SXSW.

John Cook is co-founder of GeekWire, a tech news site in Seattle. Follow on Twitter @geekwirenews.

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    • Please Go Away

      Please go away and stop spamming this site. Yeah, we know you invented the Internet before Al Gore did, but please stop.

  • Meks

    John, this new venture is a great opportunity never to cover Huh or his company again. Please consider doing that for the sake of your readers.

    • johnhcook

      Well, not sure that is possible, given that they are one of the biggest (in terms of audience) and now heavily-funded (considering the $30M they just raised) Internet startups in Seattle.

      • Meks

        C’mon, please? At least the non-news stuff like this. At least when Zillow or other startups have some non-news it is relevant somehow to our lives… If I want to know about funny pictures I can just go to Reddit, 4Chan, or wherever else Huh and his buddies steal their content from.

  • Cheryl

    Who can’t LOL when they see a creepy Easter bunny? Thx for the chuckle…

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