Well, it’s actually happening. Bill Gates has taken the witness stand in Salt Lake City, Utah, this morning to testify in Novell’s suit against Microsoft over antitrust allegations against the Redmond company dating back to the Windows 95 era.

The Associated Press has a report from the scene.

Gates will be asked to explain an email message he sent in October 1994 that has become a pivotal piece of evidence in the case. Novell’s lawyers call the message a smoking gun showing that Microsoft used Windows to give Office an unfair advantage against competing programs. Gates contends that the email is being misinterpreted.

Gates was legendary for his behavior during a deposition conducted by David Boies during the company’s landmark U.S. antitrust case, but the Microsoft co-founder has presumably come a long way since then.

The case, filed in 2004, was revived by an appeals court in May.

Microsoft is seeking a dismissal of the case.

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  • Guest

    I was more surprised to learn that Novell is still in business. Whatever would they do with $1 billion? Make more mediocre office suites and network drivers?

  • http://twitter.com/ElDabeLawyer El Dabe Law Firm

    MSFT has already won.  Deny, delay, defend is a tactic used by many defendants, and often serves as a de facto victory.  After all, justice delayed is justice denied.

    • Guest

      But at least you’re keeping an open mind about their guilt or innocence /s

      • http://twitter.com/ElDabeLawyer El Dabe Law Firm

        Hey, sometimes it pretty clear.  We don’t always have to wait for a trial to know what happened.  Trials and due process are necessary…but defendants who delay their cases usually gain an advantage.  Are you keeping an open mind about Sandusky?

        • Guest

          Gosh, and here I was thinking people were “innocent until proved guilty”. And yes, I’m trying to keep an open mind on Sandusky *specifically* because the news so far is so prejudicial.

  • Guest

    Uh oh. Let’s hope he doesn’t do a repeat of his DOJ video deposition.


    It is CLEARLY NOT…. What NOVELL would do. IT IS  however what Micosoft DID ( steal ). And GOT AWAY WITH.. That is the only relevant point. 
    If someone / ANYONE, EVEN Microsoft, steals. PROFIT or NOT. THEY PAY… Is that NOT relevant??? Like APPLe BLATANTLY STOLE the GUI IP from XEROX. STOLE it. And gets away. XEROX sued too late. Apple’s people had NO CLUE.. NON about GUIs. THEY ( APPLE ) slavishly copied XEROX GUI. SLAVISHLY. Same case NOW!! NOW!!! Apple would HAVE to PAY TREBLED DAMAGES PLUS. 

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