Ben Huh

The GQ fashion police on Wednesday called out Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh as one of the 15 worst dressed men in tech, pointing to his frequent choice of ironic cat T-shirts.

Now, the man behind the Cheezburger empire is taking his campaign to the people — challenging GQ to what amounts to a fashion duel. In a video message, Huh says that he will dress in his very best geek duds and then also have GQ dress him in what they deem as cool.  Then, in a blind test, they will let the community vote on who actually has the better fashion sense.

“My theory is that technologists, like me, and geeks, like many of our users, know how to dress. It is that we just really choose not to,” Huh says in the video.

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  • Anonymous

    Ben- can’t wait to see the ensemble!  With geeky (and every other kind of) chic, accessories make the man. I’ve always held a deep admiration for your shoes.

  • BobBuilder

    Ben is actually is pretty good dresser in my experience. Time for the geek to show-up the chic!

  • SY

    Better than looking like hipster d-bags. Which, Seattle and Silicon Valley have plenty of~ I think they’re dressing for themselves. They don’t need to impress anyone else with their mad threads, lol.

  • Jeff Rodenburg

    Ben is on the mark, here.  As a point of reference, if we all strived for “brogrammer” we would be just fine.

    • Kristin Eide

      Brogrammers are their own breed. It’s best they stay contained in Kirkland.

      • Jeff Rodenburg

        Good call, Kristin. Good call.

  • Jeff Rodenburg

    Ben is on the mark, here.  As a point of reference, if we all strived for “brogrammer” we would be just fine.

  • Dave

    Technically, GQ showed how clueless they are by naming the 15 worst dressed in Silicon Valley but at least four or five of those on the list are not even in Silicon Valley. Geek sheik is a good look for some. Ben pulls it off well, just like Sacca pulls of the cowboy shirt thing well.

    • Anonymous

      Geek sheik? Does that involve solar-powered turbans?

  • Rand Fishkin

    I will totally join in this fight with you Mr. Huh. 

  • Lindsey Harper

    NICE can’t wait to see the a/b choice.. you could always use for this ;)

  • Timreha

    Ben I will put you on the catwalk and donate a fashion shoot + HD video to put the slap down on GQ.

  • anon


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