One of the most-anticipated activities at next month’s Seattle Interactive Conference will be opening night’s Battle of the Geek Bands, a fast-paced competition in which five bands from the tech industry take to the stage at the Showbox Sodo.

Now, here’s the deal: Four of the bands have already been chosen by the SIC committee from a pool of more than 30 entries. That leaves one opening slot.

And here’s the cool thing. GeekWire readers will have the last word between the two final contenders: Afraid of Figs and The Baudboys.

Watch the videos, and cast your vote for your favorite in the poll below. Voting will take place through Monday, October 24th at 5 p.m. at which point SIC will announce the five finalists, including the wild-card, community-supported entry chosen here.

Bands will take the stage November 1st, performing at the Showbox Sodo in front of an illustrious judging panel that includes Sir Mix-A-Lot; Chris Ballew and Jason Finn of the Presidents of the United States of America; and yours truly.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at the two contenders for the final slot with descriptions of both. Don’t forget to vote in the poll below.

Afraid of Figs: Saxophonist Chris Bloomquist works as a technical recruiting manager at AltaSourceGroup in Kirkland.

Afraid Of Figs from Seattle Interactive Conference on Vimeo.

The Baudboys:  The undisputed kings of “Geek A Capella,” the group is comprised entirely of current and former Microsoft employees.

The Baudboys from Seattle Interactive Conference on Vimeo.

Now, after watching the performances above, who do you think is most deserving?

UPDATE: The voting has concluded, and Afraid of Figs has been declared the winner. See our follow-up story: “Meet the five finalists vying for the title in next week’s Battle of the Geek Bands”

Editor’s note: GeekWire is a media sponsor of the Seattle Interactive Conference. 

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  • Don

    Obviously they don’t understand the concept of “Geek Band”

    • Don Olson

      Care to enlighten us?

  • Dancerjoanie

    Go Figs!  Hope you win.  This other group isn’t even a band!  What’s with that?

  • Here’s an idea…

    Are these msft guys really opening for The Presidents of the United States of America?  That seems weird. 

    They sound good but a better fit for the view or today show.  

    Since the techie vote from msft is strong (duh), maybe consider making it 6 bands vs. 5?!  Just me thinking out loud.  Go Figs!!

    • Todd Bishop

      That’s funny. Just to clarify, one of the Presidents is on the judging panel. (Along with John, Sir Mix-A-Lot and others.)

      • Pusabase

        I’d really like to see Subset reunion on that show. (Subset is Sir Mix-A-Lot + The Presidents of the USA). Couple of their tunes can be found from Youtube

  • Amanda

    I love Afraid of Figs, especially CrazyC!  Go Figs!!!

  • Eric Bloomquist

    Affraid of Figs!!!!

    • Eric Bloomquist

      And by Affraid, I mean “Afraid”

  • Rob

    go figs.

  • Lbloomquist

    Love them

  • Mary Lyn Nair

    Afraid of Figs is one of the most creative and entertaining bands in
    Washington State.This band will definitely go very far in the future
    and  I am sure with their passion, determination and talent, will hit
    the big time.

    From  The Nairs

    • NW Music Scene

      They are great live!

  • Matthew Meadows

    Tough call, they’re both really good, but my vote is for the Figs.  If it’s geeks you’re after next year please consider adding ex-Microsoft programmer and top-10 ReverbNation Seattle Metal guitarist Matthew Meadows to the ballot.  That would be .


  • SimplySpiffing

    Don’t be afraid of Afraid of Figs. They are your friends. Vote for them.

  • SopwithCamel

    Please vote for the acapella band. You might say it has had its day, but you’re probably into some reefer-smoking rock band or beat combo. Acapella is free of those kinds of evils. Its also a much misunderstood artform, a bit like macrame or whittling. Its beautiful, if you give it a chance. 

  • SimplySpiffing

    That is not me! Someone has clearly hacked my account! I would never ask you to vote for the acapella band! Vote for the Figs! The future is fig-shaped! Its not shaped like an overage choirboy!

  • AmeliaEarflaps

    I like the Baudboys. they are a favorit band of mine. My top three peeple in the whole world are 1) Justin Bieber. 2) The Baudboys. 3) Paul Allen. Oh and i like The Lion King in 3D as well.

  • SimplySpiffing

    Amelia!! Was it your mother who hacked my account? That’s outrageous! Just because she’s been in mourning since Simon and Garfunkel called it a day (and, I might add, she thought Garfunkel was the talented one) doesn’t mean she should be encouraging people to vote for these cathedral-dwelling harmonisers. The Figs destiny is to open for the Presidents of the United States. Do not meddle with things you know nothing about. And turn your Justin Bieber down, its giving me a headache!

  • AmeliaEarflaps

    vote for the Baldboys!

  • Amanda M

    Figs rock!!! They get my vote any day of the week. Love you guys!

  • AJ

    Afraid of Figs all the way!

  • Seattle NightOut

    GO FIGS!! We’re not afraid!

  • UltimateArbiterOfRock

    I’m afraid of the Baudboys, for sure.

  • Leong Denise

    Go Figs!!

  • Bus Driver

    Figs!!!! Eat a Vegan today!

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