Calling it an early Black Friday deal, today dropped the price of its Kindle DX — a.k.a. the big Kindle — by a whopping $120, bringing the price of the 9.7-inch-screen device to $259 for a limited time.

Amazon announced the 32 percent price cut on its Facebook page, saying the deal would last through the weekend.

The move underscores how out-of-whack the Kindle DX’s regular $379 price is with the rest of the Kindle lineup. Amazon is widely expected to be coming out with a larger-screen Kindle Fire tablet next year, and the company would probably need to drop the price of the Kindle DX permanently to make sure that the e-reader doesn’t cost more than a comparably sized Kindle Fire tablet with a color screen.

Amazon’s existing Kindle Fire, with a 7-inch screen, sells for $199, with the company reportedly taking a loss on each device in hopes of making up the difference on sales of video, music and Amazon Prime subscriptions.

The Beyond Black Friday blog, which first reported the Kindle DX price drop, likewise speculates that the move could be part of the build-up to the release of a larger screen Kindle Fire device.

Thanks to Jon Cog, editor of the “Me and My Kindle” blog, who alerted us to the news.

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  • Stefferzz

    I’d like a Fire, but not without an SD card slot.

  • Anonymous

    More likely a prelude to a smaller/lighter/better Kindle DX3. A bigger Fire would compete with the iPad more, but it’ll weigh a lot more than the DX. A DX3 would be better for students and people reading business reports.

    • PDF

      But a smaller DX completely misses the point of the DX. Some of us need the extra real estate for reading large technical PDFs. Indispensable for grad school.

      • Anonymous

        You’re the one missing the point. It can be smaller/lighter/better with the same screen size (“for students and people reading business reports”) — compare the K3 with the K2. Or what about a DX without a keyboard so it could be even smaller? With the crappy DX keyboard, it’s not like people can type much on it.

  • Tablet Certified

    I for one would love to see a larger Kindle. Call it the Kindle for newspapers. This would be a great idea Especially for readers with poor eye site.

    Check out app reviews at

    • PDF

      I just wish the Que from Plastic Logic would get here, but there is something strange about the company. A tech company that moves so slow that the market changes multiple times before they come to market in force just doesn’t make sense.

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