Seems like’s data center in Northern Virginia just can’t catch a break lately. And now here comes Hurricane Irene.

Officials at the Amazon Web Services facility — a key piece of infrastructure for many high-profile websites, say in an online message to their customers that they’re “closely monitoring Hurricane Irene and making all possible preparations, e.g. generator fuel, food/water, flashlights, radios, extra staff.”

An extended outage at the facility in April caused downtime at sites such as HootSuite, Reddit and Foursquare. That was followed by another, smaller outage a few weeks ago.

The company tells AWS customers that they “can minimize the potential impact of failure scenarios by running their applications redundantly across multiple Availability Zones with no single points of failure in any one AZ.”

Follow the status of the AWS operations on this dashboard.

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  • Guest

    “Extra staff…”

    That reminds me of a true story. Christmas 2005 (I think it was). Amazon Payments team. The software fell over so far too often but they didn’t want customer impact. So Amazon rented an apartment above Uwajimaya across the street from the US1/US2 offices. You had to sleep in there with another employee, one on the couch, one in the bedroom. Clean linens were not offered, you got to sleep in your co-worker’s dead skin cells. If you were the oncall engineer, you were expected to sleep in that crap apartment. The proper handoff of the apartment keys often didn’t happen, leaving confusion and anger.

    When asked to be a part of this magical support experience, I just laughed and declined, but others didn’t.

    I can only hope that the support engineers in Virginia don’t have to go through that crap.

    • Guest

      That’s unacceptable. Good thing there are no apartments across from any of the SLU buildings, so this kind of nonsense won’t happen anymore.

    • Guest

      Uwajimaya’s apartments have washers and dryers in every unit. Instead of whinging about your unclean coworkers, you could have simply washed the linens.

      Or you could have waited six years to whinge about Amazon anonymously. Horses for courses, as they say.

      In conclusion, I think it’s unfair to compare your ignorance of basic laundry procedures with the approach of a deadly hurricane.

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