Nerd Notes: Showering with Star Wars, peeing with video games and wedding with capes

  • Bane gives his best over-the-shoulder glance in the first image of him released from Christopher Nolan’s latest bat flick “The Dark Knight Rises”.
  • Purina Petcare made up a few iPad apps for cats and it’s taking every bit of self respect I have not to make a mouse joke about it.
  • If you’re going to shower with droids and wookies, it might as well be C-threeps, R2 and Chewie. It’s just a little odd that Chewie showers with his purse on.
    • Happy 37th birthday to our favorite trivia geek, Ken Jennings.

  • An infograph of every company Microsoft has invested in.
  • Best Training Dresser of the Day, from Seattle designer Peter Bristol. Peter’s got your back when it comes to getting your square pants into the right place.