• Germany takes one home in the name of bearding.  The world’s grossest best beard goes to this guy. “When my beard isn’t styled, it goes down to my waist.” *shutter*

  • The coolest place to view a space shuttle launch? From a plane.
  • In the name of raptures and end of the world remixes, Eclectic Method put together the Apocamix. Complete with death, destruction, aliens, monsters, terrifying Sarah Conner visions and a dose of Jack Nicholson, all to a pretty slick beat. I’ll be around next week if you wanna talk about it.
  • Why clap off the lights when you can high five them by touching this awkward glowing hand?
  • College Humor nails it with these techno-babbleing startup guys trying to pitch their companies to an exec. They’ve got it right down to the startup-green walls and the Herman Miller chairs.

  • This kid will make you wish you had what it takes to rock a pizza beret. If this photo isn’t avatar worthy then heck, I don’t know what is.
  • Paging all Seattle plane geeks, grab your peanuts and pilot jackets. Saturday is General Aviation Day at Snohomish County Airport and admission is free.


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    LOL! Love the boyfriend off video!! 

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