Does anyone want to move to Seattle? (Schlosser photo)

We’ve been talking a lot about the lack of investment dollars flowing to entrepreneurial ventures in the Seattle area. But let’s not forget all of the good stuff going on. A post today from Business Insider and a comment on GeekWire from Founder’s Co-op director Andy Sack brought that message home.

It has been a huge couple of weeks for Seattle, with Zillow’s blockbuster IPO and PopCap’s massive sale to EA for as much as $1.3 billion. Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff uses that as a springboard to tell more of the story here.

How did Rosoff come up with his list?

There’s no explanation given, but the journalist did identify some up-and-comers in the Seattle area (though a few on his list are certainly past the startup phase).

“The city is a tech hub — and the fastest-growing tech jobs market in the U.S. — but it’s still small and isolated enough to have a tight-knit and insular startup scene,” writes Rosoff.

So, without further ado, here’s who he picked and here’s his full report:

Cheezburger: The fast growing online comedy network has the same amount of Web traffic as The Wall Street Journal.

Zulily: While keeping a low profile, Zulily is growing like gangbusters with its daily deal service for kid’s clothing and toys.

Swype: The maker of a virtual keyboard for mobile devices that allows users to input text with the swipe of a finger rather than the traditional tap.

Groundspeak: One of the early pioneers in geocaching.

Redfin: Seattle is a hotbed for online real estate — as evidenced by Zillow’s IPO today. Redfin, an online real estate brokerage firm, could be the next big company to emerge in the space. Developed by the folks who sold online travel startup Farecast to Microsoft, Decide is attempting to tell people when to buy consumer electronics.

Apptio: One of the few enterprise software companies in the bunch, Apptio is led by serial entrepreneur Sunny Gupta who makes no excuses about building the region’s next big software company.

Rand Fishkin

SEOmoz: Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz is growing like mad, with plans to top $12 million in software revenue this year.

Big Fish Games: Bigger than PopCap in terms of revenue, the casual game maker is hardly a startup at this point. Could it follow up PopCap’s blockbuster sale?

WildTangent: Another more established player in Seattle’s gaming market, WildTangent operates an online ad network and gaming portal.

Impinj: The maker of RFID technologies plans to follow in Zillow’s wake as the next IPO from the Seattle tech community.

PayScale: The 75-person online salary comparison site just scored $7 million, bringing total funding to $32 million.

BuddyTV: Andy Liu’s startup was an early adopter of the social TV wave.

Giant Thinkwell: Celebrity-based gaming, with special appearances by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

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  • Memphremagog

    He missed DataSphere.  I believe they may have accounted for 10% of the entire job growth in high tech in Seattle during 2010, and still expanding like mad in 2011.

    • johnhcook

      Stay tuned on DataSphere. GeekWire has a feature coming on one of their key employees soon…

      • Buntu Redempter

        What about

  • Jacquelyn Krones

    Congratuations to Decide on making the list – they have the right idea

    • Ray Burt

      Decide baffles me.  How on earth is this a sustainable business.  

      • Danielle Morrill

        Probably could make money on lead gen / affiliate on electronics, rev share on referring people to certain products.  They could also aggregate and sell their data.  All about doing deals with resellers, executing on marketing, badass SEO/SEM to acquire customers and convert sales on the cheap.

        Frankly, they might get bought for small amount for their domain name alone — says they had a HUGE jump in visitors last month (from 6,500 to 187,000) so would be interesting to see how they’ll monetize that traffic (and where it is coming from). That’s a lot of traffic to aggregate.

  • Game Boy

    Uhhh, Z2live? They are killing it….

  • Guest

    Um, Business Insider is a content farm. Likely this list was compiled by just googling “top seattle startups”. Check your sources John.

  • Anonymous

    How about Avalara!  Leader in huge new market (think payroll services for sales tax) – raised 40m+ – on the verge of breaking wide open.  Just moved into new office.  Hiring.

    • Danielle Morrill

      Yeah, I think this is one of the most interesting startups in the PNW right now.  Love that their HQ is in my home town!

  • Erin

    This list is nonsense.  How can you miss Tableau Software?  They have more revenues than most of these companies AND are profitable.  Just look at their jobs page and see how well they’re doing…

    • Danielle Morrill

      Based on that, maybe they’re not really considered a startup anymore?

    • Nic

      Tableau is not a start up. But you’re right about them being profitable.

  • Ben

    Not sure what the criteria for the list is, but if it’s based on growth or funding or potential, ExtraHop Networks, HQ in the heart of downtown Seattle, has been expanding rapidly, recently closed a $14m round and is on track to crack its market wide open.

  • Paul t.

    Did you see WildTangent’s announcements this week and their party at the Seattle Aquarium last night?  Had to have been 2000 gamers there.  Epic!

    • John

      That party was AWESOME

  • Guest

    Doxo. There are lots of local company that receive little attention nationally or even from Geekwire or Techflash.

    • Danielle Morrill

      Yeah that’s true, usually its because they do nothing to promote themselves or craft a newsworthy story.  So sick of hearing this complaint, in fact your comment inspired me to write a blog post about it.

  • andrew dawn

    Some seattle enterprise software – database company has been bought by public company yesterday

  • andrew dawn

    Some seattle enterprise software – database company has been bought by public company yesterday

  • SEO Sheffield

    How far is Seattle from NYC? How long would it take to travel there from Seattle?

  • Seattle Startup

    How are these guys doing now?

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