Vinod Khosla on failure, thinking big and why the best entrepreneurs are under 25

Don’t call Vinod Khosla a venture capitalist. After all, the venerable Silicon Valley investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist doesn’t really have the best opinion of those who invest other people’s money in startups. “I refuse to call myself a venture capitalist, and it pisses off most venture capitalists,” said Khosla, speaking at the kick-off event for… Read More


Vinod Khosla invests in Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund

At a talk this evening on the University of Washington campus, it didn’t take long for Michael Arrington to break some news about his newly-formed venture capital fund, CrunchFund. Arrington was interviewing notable venture capitalist Vinod Khosla as the kick off for Startup Weekend EDU when the outspoken TechCrunch founder — wearing his green Unpaid… Read More


App of the Week: CAMbadge

We’re trying out a new feature on GeekWire today: App of the Week. And we’re looking for your help. If you have a favorite app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or anything else, send a message to along with an explanation of your favorite aspects of the app. Maybe it’s making a huge difference… Read More


Mick Jagger’s new music studio: Paul Allen’s megayacht

Where does someone like Mick Jagger go to record a new album when he’s seeking the ultimate in privacy and security? Paul Allen’s yacht, of course! That’s the word from the London Daily Mirror, which reports that the album from the Rolling Stone frontman’s new band, Superheavy, “was recorded under conditions of extreme secrecy in… Read More


Microsoft startup film to debut at Napa Valley Film Festival

Microsoft has made a full-length feature film — a professionally produced documentary on the startup life, of all things — and it’s slated to premiere in November at the Napa Valley Film Festival. That’s the unexpected news today from the company’s BizSpark program, an initiative inside Microsoft that provides tech startups with access to the… Read More


Chart of the Week: IBM > MSFT

Apple made headlines when it surpassed Microsoft in market value, the stock market’s measure of a company’s overall worth. And now it’s IBM’s turn. The venerable technology company overtook Microsoft in market value for the first time since 1996 yesterday, based on closing share prices, according to Bloomberg News, which has a detailed analysis of… Read More


Exponential scores cash for Hollywood trivia games, names DeGiulio as marketing chief

Exponential Entertainment, which makes the HollywoodPlayer online trivia and puzzle game, has raised a new round of cash and tapped Seattle marketing veteran Gail DeGiulio as its new chief marketing officer, GeekWire has learned. The Seattle-based company also has named venture capitalist Steve Arnold, a co-founder of Polaris Venture Partners, as an advisor. The new… Read More


Microsoft issues fix after security tool mistakenly removes Google Chrome as malware

Uh, whoops? Microsoft this morning scrambled to release a fix after reports surfaced that its Security Essentials software was mistakenly identifying the Google Chrome browser as password-stealing malware — and removing the competing web browser from Windows machines. Ed Bott of ZDNet has the rundown, including details on the updated definitions that Microsoft says will… Read More


Zillow added to Russell stock index

That didn’t take long. A little more than two months after its initial public offering, Zillow has been added to the Russell 2000 and Russell 3000 Indexes. The addition will take place after the close of the stock market today. “We’re proud to be included in the Russell Indexes as it’s another important milestone for Zillow,” said Zillow CEO… Read More


How a father-and-son Lego project sparked an iPad game

Seattle entrepreneur Hillel Cooperman loves Legos. So, each year, the founder of Jackson Fish Market gets excited for BrickCon, a 2-day event which showcases masterpieces made of the plastic building blocks. This year, however, Cooperman is doing something a bit different. He plans to showcase a creation which has a bit of a high-tech twist…. Read More


Amazon buying Palm? This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

A report by VentureBeat overnight quotes an anonymous source saying that is “in serious negotiations” to buy Palm from HP, acquiring assets including the well-regarded webOS software for smartphones and tablets. It’s getting a lot of attention in the tech media this morning. The logic? “By purchasing the remnants of Palm, Amazon would have free… Read More


Geek of the Week: Jeff Teper, father of Microsoft SharePoint

Our latest Geek of the Week, Jeff Teper, had been at Microsoft for about six years in 1998 when he oversaw the formation of a new group focused on “knowledge management.” Later that group would launch a new business collaboration technology, then called SharePoint Portal Server. SharePoint has since become one of Microsoft’s largest products, surpassing… Read More


The name Kindle Fire: Hot or not?

At first glance, Kindle Fire seems like a pretty good name. It uses a thematically coherent naming strategy, similar to the one that Apple used when it named the Macintosh, presumably inspired by the apple variety McIntosh. What’s more, the word fire, like the word apple, is simple and familiar, and has lots of metaphorical significance and emotional… Read More