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Data centers aren’t sucking as much electricity as predicted

Massive data centers — many of which dot the Columbia River basin in Washington and Oregon — have historically been described as electricity-sucking power hogs.  But a new report from a Stanford University professor shows that electricity used to power data centers actually slowed significantly between 2005 and 2010. “This slowing was the result of… Read More


If Microsoft Bing is Muhammad Ali, this is its best punch

An extensive look at Microsoft Bing’s attempt to challenge Google, published by the New York Times today, will get lots of attention for the irresistible opening anecdote about Bing general manager Mike Nichols drawing inspiration from the famous picture of one-time underdog Muhammad Ali standing triumphant over Sonny Liston. But the real insight from the piece… Read More


The Internet Explorer IQ test: Come on, we’re not that dumb

A study released this past week by AptiQuant, a Vancouver, B.C., “psychometric consulting” company, found that Internet Explorer users, on average, scored lower on IQ tests than users of other browsers did. Users of older versions of Internet Explorer — IE 6 and IE 7 — fared particularly poorly, with average IQ scores in the 80s…. Read More

David Pogue

NYT’s David Pogue back on tour, playing the classics

David Pogue, tech columnist for the New York Times, brought down the house at a real-estate technology conference in San Francisco this week with a soaring medley on “the history of downloadable music, TV and movies in two minutes.” OK, so it was five minutes, but who’s counting. You can see from YouTube title up… Read More


Patent verdict vs. Microsoft shrinks from $500M to $70M

It turned out to be another big week for patent news. A federal jury in San Diego today found that Microsoft must pay Alcatel-Lucent $70 million in a patent-infringement case dating back to 2003. That’s not exactly good news for the Redmond company, but it is better than the damages of more than $500 million… Read More


Tributes to Steve Lacey, on Facebook and in Flight Sim

Family, friends and colleagues of Steve Lacey are still grappling with the loss of the respected Google engineer and Microsoft veteran in a car crash in Kirkland over the weekend. And it’s only appropriate that one of the tributes is in the form of Flight Simulator, the Microsoft program that Lacey worked on for much… Read More


Google tosses support behind the Portland Incubator Experiment

We’ve talked before about how Google has Portland fever — using the Rose City to test new products like Google Offers and real-time transit information. Now, the search giant is tossing its weight behind the Portland Incubator Experiment  – the startup incubator better known as PIE. Rick Turoczy, who leads PIE, confirmed that Google is… Read More


Ex P-I journalists to shutter online news site Seattle PostGlobe

The Seattle PostGlobe — an online news site started two years ago by reporters who lost their jobs at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer — is closing because many of the volunteer staff have moved on to full-time jobs. In a message on the site, journalist Sally Deenan writes that the online news site encountered a number of obstacles… Read More

GROW Conference Connects Pacific Northwest with Silicon Valley (sponsored)

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Seattle 2.0, and imported to GeekWire as part of our acquisition of Seattle 2.0 and its archival content. For more background, see this post. By Jasmine Antonick Just north from Seattle on August 18, the GROW Conference (held in Vancouver, Canada) is proving the Pacific Northwest and our Canadian… Read More


As patent debate rages, Google gobbles up IBM inventions

GeekWire readers have been engaged in an intense debate over the past week about the role of software patents — a discussion that arose after This American Life featured an in-depth expose on the business tactics of Bellevue’s Intellectual Ventures. One of the main takeaways of the piece is that the patent system in the… Read More


This Seattle woman really, really wants to work at Valve

Valve Software is one of the Seattle area’s hottest gaming companies. And Erin Michael Vondrak, a Seattle artist and photographer, really wants to work there. Vondrak composed an original song and video — dubbed Dear Valve: Hire Me — which spells out why she’d be a good fit for the maker of Portal 2 and… Read More

Stephen Meyles,

Geek of the Week: Stephen Meyles, Appature Inc.

Our latest Geek of the Week, Stephen Meyles, spent a good chunk of his career as an educator at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, before finding a new home and career at Seattle-based Appature Inc. That experience gives him a unique perspective and an appreciation for the fast-paced technology industry. Not to mention a deep devotion… Read More