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By Andy Sack

I just wanted to let everyone know that there’s a neat movement occurring in Seattle. GeekWeek is happening the week of Aug 13 to Aug 20, 2010. The week is bookended on one side by TechStars inaugural office opening in South Lake Union : TechStars: Who let the geeks out? (byob party). And on the other side: Gnomedex. The Seattle community — and specifically the tech community — are invited to host events over the course of this week. It should be a great week. Get involved.  Right now the TechStars event is password protected because there’s a limit to the number of people the fire marshall will allow in our offices and because I want to wait until we announce the 10 companies.
From the site:

  • Any group can participate.
  • Any event can participate.
  • Any venue can participate.
  • Any person can participate.

There are no committees – just communities.


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